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Automate DMCA takedowns for Stolen Content & Social Media Catfish Accounts.
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Full scan on 1 brand name and ability to send 1 DMCA. You can upgrade at anytime to start taking down your content.

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24/7 Brand Monitoring, send Bulk DMCAs, Unlimited Social Media Catfish & Google/Bing takedowns, access to online privacy experts, SEO analysis and more.

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Monitor your brand at anytime.

Our intuitive dashboard will help keep your brand safe, and give visibility on who is using it without your consent. Send DMCAs with the click of a button!

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Core Features.

Efficiently monitor your brand across the web, keeping track of infringements and sending DMCA takedowns with the click of a button.


Source takedowns

Google takedowns

Non-stop brand monitoring


Incident assistance

Investigative services

Breach monitoring


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1 FREE scan and 1 DMCA

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24/7 Brand Protection

Bulk DMCA & Google/Bing Removal service

Social Media Catfish Account Takedowns

Data Breach Monitoring

Full Community Forum Access

Brand SEO Analysis

Unlimited Manual Link Submission

Brand Security & Identity Privacy Analysis

Access to Brandit Database

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Frequently Asked Questions.


How Do You Find All My Brand Infringements?

Our crawlers scan the web 24/7 for all content that links to your brand. We leave no stone unturned, digging into Tube Sites, Forums, Torrent Sites and more.


How Can BranditScan Improve My Brand?

Taking control of your Brand will enable you to track down infringements, which in turn can hurt your income and image, let alone breach security when you have geo blocking part of your brand strategy. Removing as much as possible these infringements will boost your overall revenue on your legitimate brand platforms.


Can I Earn Revenue On BranditScan?

We offer an affiliate program that will enable you to earn 10% of any purchase made by your referrals, lifetime!


How Will You Take Down My Brand Infringements?

We offer a DMCA tool that can automate in bulk your DMCAs. We can also delist from Google any site you no longer want indexed! Pretty neat, right?

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